December 2: Unplugged

unplugged1Today’s Think Kit prompt was more than just a blogging prompt. It came in the form of a challenge to step away for a bit and give the eyes a break from the monitors we surround ourselves with. This afternoon, my niece and sister came over to see our festive “holiday tree” and to hang out for a bit. We and my fiance (Almost Uncle Chris) spent time “unplugged” playing with Legos, putting on a puppet show, mildly harassing our cats after feeding them way too many treats, coloring and making cookies. It was a fun afternoon.

Word Press just ate my second paragraph. Grr…. Short story condensed: I miss being “off the grid” at home-home. My parents now have wireless internet when before they had dial up.

And now I have the sense to write elsewhere and post here when I’m finished. 🙂


December 1: Your Year in Photos


December 1: Your Year in Photos
Your year in photos. Did one photo encapsulate your year? Maybe it takes a gallery. Go out and take a new one that represents your year if you need to. Let’s see those photos.

It was a year of change, growth and beginnings.

Think Kit 2012

I’m game for Think Kit 2012! One prompt should help me produce one post here each day in December. Come along! Image

Have you ever passed the salt and pepper?

Have you ever?
Have you ever?


Yes, I’m still here. The Emerson-inspired navel-gazing was too much for me to handle. Very repetitive and really not as inspiring as I’d hoped. The good news is that I’m on to new and more fulfilling challenges. Namely, I’ve given up Diet Coke for 30 days (and likely for good). This study was the one that pushed me over the edge. Now that I’m looking, there are many more horrid studies out there about how harmful aspartame and diet soft drinks are than I expected. Pretty tragic really. Only one headache so far. To help with my breakup, I’ve asked friends and family on Facebook to come along for the ride. There are nine members of our group (a few are former soft drink addicts there to offer support). So far I think we’re still all on the wagon.

Oh Happy Day Goes to Paris

Oh Happy Day Goes to Paris and I soooo want to go with her. How cool would it be to win a weeklong trip for two to Paris?!

Plan a Mental Health Weekend – 5 Steps to De-stress Your Life | PickTheBrain | Motivation and Self Improvement

Hm… A nice complement to my latest “solution”.

Plan a Mental Health Weekend – 5 Steps to De-stress Your Life |PickTheBrain | Motivation and Self Improvement.