December 6: Community Involvement

How do you want get involved in your community this year?
Think Kit: BE

Sooo…. I’m a teeny bit late on this one. Alas, I was busy at an event that had to do with my community involvement. So there! Or something…

I can say that I’m quite active in the community. I’m currently involved with WFYI’s IRIS program as a volunteer reader. This year, I went from reading TIME magazine weekly to reading Indy’s Child monthly. The content isn’t a good match for me, unfortunately, and I’ll likely be wrapping that one up this year. I love that program and am very thankful that it is available to the community. I do plan to keep supporting the program.

For 2013, I’ve stepped up to serve in two new volunteer leadership roles. One with the arts community in mind and the other with my professional community. (I’m being intentionally vague here for privacy purposes. A future rant is in the works.)

I am a definite believer in being involved in the community and am a huge proponent of volunteerism. If you don’t like something, find a way to improve it and then find a way to make it happen. 🙂 There’s another rant in there for a future post. Happy Saturday!


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