December 5: Interviewing Others

December 5:  Interviewing Others

Today’s prompt for Think Kit is: Interview 3 people about their favorite moments of the year. Share what you heard.

1. The first person I spoke with had a fond memory of the Indianapolis Fire Department being called to help cut a child’s head out of a lego table. Apparently it is much easier to get stuck in a lego table than to get unstuck from one.

2. The second person I spoke with was my Madre. One of her favorite memories was rushing to Terre Haute on my nephew’s birth day. We planned to meet family and friends in the Haute for a baby shower, but instead met Anderson, my lovely nephew, for the first time. Mom said that she and Dad arrived just in time to hear the lullaby being played on the intercom in the maternity ward to announce his arrival.

3. The third person I spoke with is an awesome new friend from Twitter. Actually, I think he may be from Carmel, but it’s all relative. He shared three favorite moments:
“- Singing on stage with Madonna at the Super Bowl. (Wowie wow, huh?)
– Getting a new job that I love (even though it drives me crazy). And…
– Turning the corner with my 2-year-old niece from her being afraid of me to loving on me. Man, I love my nieces and nephew!”

This has been MJH reporting from Indianapolis. Over and out!

P.S. – Please feel welcome to share your favorite memories of 2012 in the comments!


One response to “December 5: Interviewing Others

  1. Hey, I know that third interviewee too!

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