December 3: Who would you like to meet?

ImageWho would you like to meet?

If you could meet someone new in 2013, who would it be? Or would you
rather spend more time with someone you already know?

I could go on record as wanting to meet some famous politician I
admire (Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren…), a spiritual leader
(Dalai Lama or the Pope…) or a member of the Royal family, but I
won’t. There isn’t ONE person I’d like to meet in 2013. There are
many. I’d like to meet friends on social media that I’ve yet to meet
in-person, new colleagues and anyone with an open mind and open heart.
I’d like for my path to cross with creative inspiration, laughter and
perhaps a vodka martini or two.

I’d like to spend more time with my 3Fs (Friends, Family and Fiancé)
in 2013. I’ve become more involved in the association community and
the arts community this year and will be knee-deep in 2013. I’d like
to find time to spend more time with old friends simply being. Maybe
going for walks, sharing cocktails, talking about the day, week and
year that we’re sharing together regardless of the miles between us. I
want to be sure that I give my existing relationships the nurturing
they deserve because those connections helped make me, well…. me.

The answer is “yes”.

Photo courtesy of Shari Elf Gallery.


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