December 2: Unplugged

unplugged1Today’s Think Kit prompt was more than just a blogging prompt. It came in the form of a challenge to step away for a bit and give the eyes a break from the monitors we surround ourselves with. This afternoon, my niece and sister came over to see our festive “holiday tree” and to hang out for a bit. We and my fiance (Almost Uncle Chris) spent time “unplugged” playing with Legos, putting on a puppet show, mildly harassing our cats after feeding them way too many treats, coloring and making cookies. It was a fun afternoon.

Word Press just ate my second paragraph. Grr…. Short story condensed: I miss being “off the grid” at home-home. My parents now have wireless internet when before they had dial up.

And now I have the sense to write elsewhere and post here when I’m finished. 🙂


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