>My 2010 in Review

I had a pretty freaking awesome 2010. So much so that I’m having trouble believing that 2011 can top it. But that’s being short-sighted, so I digress. 🙂

My 2010 in Review

January 2010
I had my dewonking (eye muscle) surgery which makes me look more “normal” and noticeably improved my depth perception.

February 2010
Presented my thesis (whew!) for my MLD and also presented two sessions (personal high passion topics) at my org’s annual convention.

March 2010
Ring Day! I had an excellent day with new friends and old. It was an amazing day and I’m thankful for everyone who made the trip to be there. Also spent some quality time in Orlando at a show for work.

April 2010
Not sure I did much in April other than enjoy Spring and order skates.

May 2010
Graduated from SMWC and joined the CCDG (then CCS)!

June 2010
Walked in the pride parade for the first time with a bunch of people from derby. Much fun! And, of course, celebrated my birthday (a personal favorite)!

July 2010
Visited Pam and Sandi in Seattle! And made the trip over the mountains for Lilith Faire and a visit with some of their rancher friends. Good times!

August 2010
Went to ASAE in LA where I got to spend a little time with one of my favorite CAEs!

September 2010
Went on my first derby roadtrip. Memorable times with some smart women!

October 2010
Turtle soup, pop tarts on a stick and a couple of really clever Halloween parties.

November 2010
Began volunteering with IRIS. Nice people and a really great cause. Worked a ton on a super-secret project that could have major implications.

December 2010
Awarded ISAE’s APOY! Woot! Got to meet a favorite author. Spent quality time with family and friends celebrating holidays and enjoyed some true down time from work.

2011? I’m not sure what’s in store for the coming year, but I’m open to opportunity. Let’s do this thing!

Happy New Year!


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