>10 Years Ago…

>I just received an email from the woman I nearly allowed to destroy me ten years ago. Ten years ago, I was caught on a cry-sleep-cry cycle that I still find difficult to imagine. I had put so much stock in our relationship that I lost who I was. And when that relationship ended, I nearly ended my life. Instead, I packed up my stuff and headed home. My family was there for me. My friends were there for me. So many people kept poking into my world to check that I was still on my feet that eventually I was able to stand on my own. In fact, I’m no longer the same person I thought I was before I made that fateful move to Nebraska. And I’m glad because now I can dance with the best of them.

I’m sitting here at my desk crying writing this. But this time it’s a different sort of tears. I’ve come a long long way in those ten years. I know who I am and I know what I’m willing to put up with. Thankfully, I don’t feel the need to be partnered to feel complete. I have a network of people I can count on, immediate family members I count as friends and friends that I choose to be family. I am a very lucky woman and I am perfectly perfect. What a mighty ten years it has been.


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