>I spent some quality time reading aloud this evening in the WFYI studio this evening for the Indiana Reading and Information Services (IRIS) program. I don’t think I’ve ever read that much aloud in one setting. It took me about 90 minutes to record a 60-minute segment. And I think I probably did a solid job of butchering the names of at least six politicians. I aimed for consistency, at least.

I hope that the service is still around if/when I need it. I’m sure that at some point far down the road, my vision will become poor enough that I will grow to appreciate the spoken word much more than I currently do.

Remind me to share about the dewonking surgery I had earlier this year… It’s all tied together.

Without the janky eyes, I likely wouldn’t have had such a strong inclination toward recreational reading. With the janky eyes, I wouldn’t be able to read for long periods of time. Dewonking = Life is easier on the eyes.


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