>This Weekend

>Weekend recap and lessons learned:

Friday evening – Dinner with JL. Lesson: The people at Ralph’s Great Divide are absolutely the best.

Art with AP and R. Lesson: Bring a pen. Still not sure which artist has the keys to the funky steam punkish room at the Harrison Center.

Saturday – Trip to Bloomington with KW, SK and SM. Lesson: Runcible might mean dusty.
Auntie date with MW. Lesson: Sometimes red box and a blanket tent in the living room outshines a 3d movie.

Sunday – Workout at the Y. Lesson: The treadmills facing the street are interesting only when there’s traffic. Face the TVs next go around.

Derby watching party. Lesson: Don’t let the drama get to you. Doing so just feeds it. And feeding it means that it exists.

Trip to CVS. Lesson: Creepy dude approaches CVS employees in the parking lot too. If you mention it to them they’ll go outside while you walk to your car.


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