>It’s my duty…

>I had jury duty today. Really. Full-scale, sitting in the box, sequestered for breaks, deliberate among strangers jury duty today. THAT was interesting.

I was there by 8. And waited. And waited.
We watched a simple little video that I’d already watched online.
And then we took a “break until 9”.
And then waited some more.
Around 9:30 or so, they called about 30 of us into another room.
Where we waited. 🙂
Then, the questioning began.
All but 4 of the first 12 were let go.
Then all but 2 of the second 12 were let go.
Me? Number five.
Guess what we did next!
Yep. We waited some more.
Then, got some instructions and were released for lunch.
Got back and waited.
Listened to some interesting testimony.
Waited with a group allowed only to make small talk.
Listened to some more testimony.
Waited with the same group.
And a third round of testimony…
Then we waited some more.
Deliberations with the group.
Then waiting with the same group now able to chat freely about (aka dissect) anyone and everything about the trial.
Verdict read.
The end.

Arrived before 8am and left shortly after 7pm. Overall, I’m glad to have had the experience. I’m also glad that I brought a book with me.

P.S. – These are some freaking beautiful cakes.


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