>100 Things in 20 Minutes

>This probably violates the concept of the exercise, but… I’d like to share my 100 things in 20 minutes with you, so (1) I am held a wee bit more accountable and (2)I can easily access this list later.

1. Write more often, instead of type.
2. Address wedding invitations for $$$.
3. Cuddle more.
4. Sit up straight more.
5. Smile more.
6. Learn more.
7. Laugh more.
8. Love more.
9. Be more.
10. Know that I’m loved.
11. let others know I love them.
12. Drink more water.
13. Do something instead of eat lunch at my desk.
14. Remember that no one is holding me down but me.
15. Encourage others.
16. Paint weekly?
17. Have a project that involves painting.
18. Talk to my sisters more often.
19. Have a movie night in my apt.
20. Go to First Fridays.
21. Volunteer again and again.
22. Check out Indy Ambassadors meeting.
23. Figure out my finances.
24. Have a budget.
25. Save for a vacation.
26. Go on a vacation.
27. Do origami.
28. Get a tattoo.
29. Go with JL to get a tattoo.
30. Ask Heather if she still likes hers.
31. Write a letter to DR.
32. Get back in touch w/DR.
33. Go for a walk in the snow.
34. Hug more often.
35. Cook at home more often.
36. Go for walks.
37. Take care of myself.
38. Dream big.
39. Go to Stonehenge for my birthday.
40. Get a passport.
41. Earn my CAE, fingers crossed.
42. Look through the telescope at Butler.
43. Develop a ritual around a labyrinth.
44. Take photos.
45. Understand that it is okay to love more than be loved. Keep giving.
46. Have a theme week but don’t’ tell anyone about it.
47. Have a theme week at work.
48. Make a holiday just because.
49. Celebrate NCSW.
50. Celebrate one crazy holiday a week.
51. Trust myself.
52. Take my vitamins.
53. Go to a yard sale.
54. Make snowcones.
55. Make a fancy drink.
56. Follow a recipe for a nice dinner.
57. Understand pig latin.
58. Speak more Spanish.
59. Make a stranger smile.
60. Remember that I work to live, not live to work.
61. Don’t take coworkers for granted.
62. Have a signature color.
63. Change the quote on my email sig.
64. Add a quote to work sig.
65. Have fresh flowers around me.
66. Try the garden thing again?
67. Grow something.
68. Remember birthdays.
69. Make others feel special.
70. Make a different to someone every day.
71. Stretch.
72. Redesign the mag.
73. Ask more people to write and be interviewed.
74. Ask for help when I need it.
75. Sing along.
76. Live in the moment.
77. Anticipate wonderful things.
78. Share photos.
79. Share stories.
80. Be a good aunt to all three of my nieces/nephews.
81. Be a good sister.
82. Be a good sister-in-law.
83. Be a good friend.
84. Be a good employee.
85. Be a good person.
86. See one movie a month in the theater.
87. Go to a play.
88. Go to the pride parade.
89. Be authentic.
90. Remember that the Dr.Seuss quote is true.
91. Paint my nails.
92. Paint MW’s nails.
93. Shave my legs for me.
94. Color.
95. Drive more carefully.
96. Be at work early and don’t stay late.
97. Skydive.
98. Eat ice cream at the top of Crown Hill.
99. Make friends with more of my neighbors.
100. Skinny dip.


2 responses to “>100 Things in 20 Minutes

  1. >Does 12 count if the water is frozen… and is keeping a mixed drink cool. LOLSounds like you are off to a good start…. making the list alone is a great first step.justmeagain!

  2. >How are you doing with your list?It is a neat idea…for someone else to do.Kind of like the crane tattoos. Great idea …on someone else’s bod.Jim

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