>Hey there,
Thanks for checking in on me. Fortunately/unfortunately, I’ve been quite active on facebook and Twitter lately and haven’t spent much time here. I also blog on occasion at kincafe (for the fam).

Here’s what’s new:

1. I have found this blog post to be likely the most inspiring since I last posted.

2. Yay, Obama! I managed to sneak in a pre-election rally.

3. I’ve applied to grad school (I learn if I’m accepted next week).

4. I’m prepping for my certification exam next week(December 5).

5. My eyelid keeps twitching (see 3 and 4).

6. I purchased a new moisturizer tonight and have high hopes that it will be a new favorite.

7. Email me at ghettomail@gmail.com if you’re interested in following me on Twitter or friend me on facebook… Stalker… 😉

8. I’ll let you know how next week goes.


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