>A Snippet from a Note to Ingrid…

>About halfway through a note to my friend Ingrid in Olso, I realized that what I was writing should be shared. Here, my friends and family, is a bit of that note:

I wish there was a lesbian organization in Indy that went for hikes. That sounds right about perfect for me. I haven’t been to IndyIndie* for awhile, which is shame on me. I totally need to keep myself out there for the world to meet. You know… I really like your quote on facebook about always smiling even if you’re not feeling like it because you never know who will fall in love with your smile. That’s so true and so sweet.

Each year around this time, the organizations I work for have their annual planning meetings. Today was day 1 of 3… This morning’s topic (utilizing social networking to attract younger members) was fairly interesting, but this afternoon’s topic (a highly technical debate about the industry) was sooo boring that I really didn’t think I could stand it. My boss and I were the only non-technical people in attendance, so we spent some quality time text messaging each other making fun of the situation. Nice, huh?

*I didn’t put the link in my note. 😉


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