>Hey, girl… hey…

> Been a long time, no? Lots of developments in my personal life. However, since I’d made great strides in not mentioning those things here, I’m not going to start. 🙂 Let’s just say that I’m no longer living my life like a Sheryl Crow song.

And… I just finished paying for my very first new mattress set. Indeed. It’s been a great time of realization. What?! I’m not getting younger and my back is twisted from sleeping in a double-curved ball for the past several years? My legs aren’t the same length and my pelvis is tilted? Lovely…

The girls at work really thought it was funny that I’m willing this new mattress set to be the good feng shui I need to snag a partner. I’d made an off-handed comment at lunch yesterday about maybe having more second dates once I get the new mattresses… 🙂 We shall see what happens now that I’ve officially made it public that I’m on the market.

I signed up for a demo membership at a pilates studio last week. Much fun and an awesome workout (for me, anyway), but I simply can’t afford it right now. The good news is that I know that I enjoy it. And (only slightly related to my last thought)I’m more bendy than either of last week’s instructors thought. So, ha!


One response to “>Hey, girl… hey…

  1. >What exactly is a pilates studio? Same as a gym?Justmeagain?

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