>Boo! This is what I’ve been up to…

>I’m back! Albeit I have no idea how long I’ll be back at this. Since I last posted, I have:
– Had the biggest interview in my life.
– Which immediately preceeded one of the biggest disappointments in my life.
– Co-hosted a wedding shower for my little sis.
– Celebrated my birthday w/ JL and Candy.
– Went to a naturlization ceremony.
– Celebrated Candy’s birthday.
– Celebrated little sis’ marriage to Chris.
– Attended a conference in Chicago.
– Picked up a membership survey for the “church” I’ve been attending.
– Started recycling paper products.
– Went to volunteer orientation for a local non-profit.
– Eaten many popsicles.
– And much more, including marvelled at a bumpersticker that says: If Mary had been pro-choice, we wouldn’t have Christmas. (I don’t think that’s the way it works, people.)

What’s new with you? Any of these you’d like me to elaborate on?


3 responses to “>Boo! This is what I’ve been up to…

  1. >You been one busy lady!Let’s see…Since last you wrote,I went to Hawaii for a week.Spent said week helping set up Father O’s condo.Saw the ocean several times…from a distance…never got close enough to enter.Ate TONS of delicious food with Father O.Had the most delicious shave ice in Hawaii…3 times.Made two “Very Very Good Cheesecakes” for Josh’s B’day.Ate the bigger part of them.Broke my sister-in-law’s healthmeter…because every time I go ton, the numbers increased.Got the results of my annual physical back. Was told by the doctor to set aside 1 day a week to abstain from alcohol and any food that tastes remotely good.Laughed at Dr.Started back to school with a big smooch from one of my girlfriends.Gave her an extra popsicle.Finished Harry Potter book 7 &. Wow!Got to read about MJ.The Masked Avenger

  2. >What did you do for the B’day???

  3. >B-day: Kayaking, Camping, Drinking… The usual kick booty day. It was much fun. :)MJ

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