>I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly…


This is so not my ass, but it’s relatively close.

Just answered a 10 +/- quiz at www.zafu.com and found 5 brands of jeans that “fit my shape”. Pretty fun. Found the link and a few others in Blueprint magazine (a Martha spinoff).

Now I’m doing www.myshape.com to confirm that I’m a pear-shaped woman. Ah… I’m a Type A here too. Oh, so lucky…

Who knew that www.evite.com has a beverage calculator. This would have been very handy a couple of weeks ago. But, still totally could be for sis’ wedding next month. Of course, there is fine print out the wazoo… The resulting information provided by this tool is only intended for informational purposes and calculations are based on estimates and certain assumptions. The information is not guaranteed to be accurate and is intended to be used solely as a guide. Evite.com disclaims any responsibility or liability for any losses or damages caused as a result of any placing reliance on this tool and the resulting information.


3 responses to “>I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly…

  1. >The MyShape site is very cool and free. If I’d actually taken time to measure myself instead of just guessing, I’m almost positive that the clothes would fit. They choose clothes based on style, color and price after I spent about 5 minutes answering questions about my likes, dislikes, clothes I already own, blah blah blah… JP, I’d highly recommend this for finding that dress you need to buy. 🙂

  2. >Ok Ok, I’ll try this— just for you. I did go to Cinderellas yesterday, and I didn’t find the dress of my dreams(just of my nightmares) LOL Thanks MJ— JP

  3. >Hmmm…I thought there was a law that you don’t have to worry about alcohol consumption at celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, Tuesday nights, the month of June etc. If her isn’t; there should be.

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