>Get on the bus, ya’ll…


Why do parents feel the need to take their kids to school? Don't almost all school districts have buses to pick the kids up and drop them off? Is it that the parents don't trust their kids to get on the bus or do they not trust the bus driver to pick up the kid?

4 responses to “>Get on the bus, ya’ll…

  1. >Do you remember riding the bus? And all the stuff that you learned on it? In retrospect, would you do that to you? That being said, I would have sent mine by bus, but they don’t have such things here. The kids walk to school together in groups from the neighborhood.The Masked Avenger

  2. >It seems very odd to me that people in Indy’s suburbubs must “put their kids on the bus” or “take them off the bus”. – M

  3. >I know I’ll sound like a mother(maybe because I am) LOL…It is what happens on the bus while on route to school that has my concerns…You know the whole rural verses city thing..This reminds me…. Hey Mom I learned a new word today ! LOL

  4. >yep, it’s the ‘other kids’ on the bus that parents are afraid of. that, and the fact that depending on the route it can take some kids an hour to get home when if their mom drove them it might just take 5 minutes.–southcakalaki

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