>Random Crap

>From Curbly: **Maid’s Tip** Cleaning your microwave is easy peasy. Put a bowl of vinegar and water in the microwave, and cook on high for 3 minutes. Then just wipe out the microwave with a rag. The vinegar will take care of that funky popcorn/bacon smell combo most everyone’s microwave has, and the steam will soften even the most funky funk that’s in your microwave.

I just remembered Paczki. Yummy! I haven’t had it since I lived in Lansing. Quality Dairy would carry it and there was a QD on nearly every corner. Need proof? Check out this map… If you would have asked me to name the store in Lansing earlier today, last week or three years ago, I probably wouldn’t have remembered it. Today, I see Paczki and think Quality Dairy. Bizarre. They also featured burned coffee.

And, since I was thinking Polish/Russian/Etc., check out this link on Latvia, if you’re so inclined.

Note: If this shows up twice for some reason, I apologize for the double-dose of random crap. For some reason my emailed post didn’t go through immediately. It will probably go through late tonight while I’m listening to the summer night.


One response to “>Random Crap

  1. >YUUMMM…I had about 5 or 6 on Fat Tuesday…rasberry, cherry, cream, strawberry and uhhh…cant’ remember …but it wasn’t prune…The temporary return of the Mysterious Stranger

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