>Valentine’s Day: The Love/Hate Edition


Today, I love the fact that a bunch of my neighbors were helping people get their cars unstuck (including me). Today I hate that I have to worry about if my car is going to be towed tonight and where I'll park tomorrow. I love that I can write this from my warm apartment while drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows. And, I hate that I can't share this with a phone call for fear of ruining your Valentine's Day. I love that you're reading this and wondering if I've hit the vodka today. I hate that you're not here to share it with me this evening.

3 responses to “>Valentine’s Day: The Love/Hate Edition

  1. >Is it chocolate vodka? Or is that chocolate something else? Regardless… Happy Valentines Day!!!! Luv ya!justmeagain

  2. >I love Valentine’s Day here…I get gobs of chocolate from all my girlfriends… I do have to return something on March 14 to the ones that I like…which is all of them.I hate vodka…it’s icky!THe Masked Avenger

  3. >HMMM…flavored vodka?I like the green apple…The temporary return of the Mysterious Stranger

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