>Groceries….? Check. Snow day Tuesday? Stay Tuned.

>MAJOR WINTER STORM ON THE WAY!  Here are the nuts & bolts on Monday night/Tuesday's storm:  1)Heavy snow potential likely…with 12" to 20" underneath the heavy band,  2)Significant ice accumulations up to 1"+ are possible, especially in the southern viewing area, 3)Travel is not recommended on Tuesday, this storm will probably close interstates at times with snow rates exceeding 1"/hour, 4)Wind will be a factor with estimated speeds at 25 to 35mph…but the heavy moisture content in the snow should limit blowing & drifting.  What's YET TO BE DETERMINED: 1)Location of heavy snow band, 2)How far north winter mix travels, cuts down on someone's snow totals, 3)STORM TRACK, STORM TRACK & STORM TRACK which is the key to this whole thing.  Latest model runs are hinting at a more northern track so we'll definitely have to wait it out another 12 to 24 hours. From WISH-TV-Indianapolis


One response to “>Groceries….? Check. Snow day Tuesday? Stay Tuned.

  1. >You ready to snuggle down in the blankies for the morning…and mayhaps the better part of the afternoon?The Masked Avenger

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