>Going… Going…


Okay, I've had enough with the titles for the time being. This post should really be called:
She Said "Never Talk to Strangers"
I have had a very weird week so far. Tuesday really did it for me though. It wasn't until the retelling that I realized how very strange the day had been. On my way to my car in the morning, I thought "I'm wearing heels and this alley is icy. I hope no one chases after me…" I hadn't completed the thought when I heard a man near the dumpster say "HEY!" Without thinking I said, "HEY WHAT?!" and kept walking. "Can I ask you a question?" I keep walking. "Um… Sure…" He proceeded to mumble something under his breath as I told him I couldn't understand him and quickly got in my car (heart pounding).
My work day was bizarre as well, but I won't go into that here.
Tuesday evening, I go out for drinks with Candy. Not good, not bad, but simply weird things keep happening. Just a few minutes after we were served our first drinks of the evening, a mumbling man approaches our table and asks Candy to buy him a drink because the bar is closed. "Um…" she says as she looks at me. It seems that the bartender at the restaurant had cut him off by telling him that the bar had closed (at 8 or 8:30pm). When she looks at me again, I interrupt to tell him that we're in the middle of an important conversation.
"Who in the fuck do you think you are?!" he said as he took a step closer. Again, without thinking I said, "Who in the fuck do you think YOU are?!" (Apparently there was some head bobbing going on when I said this.) He backed up and joked it off as well as a mumbling drunk who has just been cut off by the bartender could. Our server came over just a few moments later to ask him to let us enjoy our evening.
Weirdness has been following me this week. This was by far the most aggressive day during this week, but at least I do have a defense… Momma never said anything about not talking back to strangers. Did she?

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