>Goooo… Monday?!?


I'm breaking tradition here and skimping out with a combined Saturday/Tuesday thing. 🙂 Still… Gooooo posting to my blog.
In January 2004, I was:
Cheering for Howie.
Writing fiction-ish posts.
Working too much.
Thinking about where I've been.
In January 2005, I was:
Posting much more often.
Quite a bit more social in the blog world.
Working too much.
Having weird dreams.
Watching B-movies.
Participating in a ton of memes.
Surprisingly not mentioning work. 
Looking for info on the famed Barbie hospital.
This year, I'm answering questions and going to roller derby.
The Masked Avenger Asked: Sorry, I have a question that doesn't relate to anything. In the Big Bang Theory, where did the original material that exploded originate?
I Answer: Little bits of navel fuzz from the last universe were floating around. When these bits floated into one another hard enough, the friction between the bits caused them to heat very slightly. (To understand the temperature, just imagine leaning on a wooden windowsill that has received direct light for approximately 90 minutes.) Soon the few bits became electromagnetic due to the friction and began to stick to one another at an alarming rate. The larger bits of navel fuzz began to create even larger amounts of friction, which we would now consider to be "large bangs". Thus, the Big Bang Theory. Alternately… I believe the answer may be "c".

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