>Goo… Sunday!


Or Saturday…However you want to look at it.
The Naptown Roller Girl's inaugural bout was enough to make me want to go again. Talk about people watching! Tons of different people are drawn to roller derby, probably for tons of different reasons. We sat behind the parents of girls from the opposing team and it was obvious that they'd been watching the sport for awhile. When our girls came out, the parents booed their hearts out, trash talked our girls for awhile and then settled in to listen to the rest of the Colts game. 
With a pounding headache, we went to check out a rumor that one of my favorite "singers" from college was back in town. She is and she was holding court over a couple of guys at the bar. Not so much into that peanuts on the floor and the game on the TVs scene as I used to be.
JL and I stopped by the gas station to pick up some Tylenol and then out for another drink. Still with a pounding headache, I figured that somewhere quiet would be good. The Living Room Lounge wasn't it. Elbow Room looked packed and I was loosing my patience. Figuring that the Front Page Bar  would be full of grumpy old white guys and relatively quiet, I suggested we check it out. I didn't see even one old white guy there. It was a pretty decent little bar. (They have a website but I can't find it now. In my search I read that it was Chicago-style. Big bar, a few booths and standing room apparently counts as Chicago-style.)
One martini later and my headache was gone. 🙂
Lessons learned this weekend:
  • Roller girls kick major booty.
  • The Front Page Bar might be an okay place to hang out on a weeknight.
  • Martinis cure all. (Or it could have been the Tylenol.)
P.S. – This makes me happy. From Ask MetaFilter: How practical(and I use the term loosely) is it to have snow shipped? I have a dear friend who was praying for snow on her birthday, but although it was looking hopeful, we are, in fact, in Texas.

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