>Rudolph’s Red Nose


Last night, I went to a lovely holiday movie party and watched several old favorites. At one point in the night, someone wondered out loud if anyone knew where the puppets from these movies ended up. I let my mind wander on it for a little bit, but then quickly forgot the idea. Until, this morning while putzing online, this story found me via Metafilter:
They’re certainly insured as if they were studded with gems. For their first appearance ever in a museum, the two puppets are insured for $100,000 (their owner, Kevin Kreiss of TimeandSpaceToys.com, won’t say how much he paid for them) and are kept in a bank safety deposit box when not on display. They’ll be in a special sealed plexiglass box at the center, considered America’s premier puppet museum, where they’ll be displayed today through Jan. 7.
P.S. – Despite expectations (and breaking with tradition), I didn’t cry when Frosty melted.  

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