>Four for Friday – Saturday Edition



Q1 – Payout: Michael Richards, immortalized as Kramer on TV’s Seinfeld, was caught on tape last month at a Los Angeles comedy club delivering a racist tirade directed at four African-American hecklers. The hecklers–three men and one woman represented by celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred–have reportedly agreed to meet Richards’ (with a retired judge who will serve as a mediator) to accept Richards’ apology. If the judge recommends it, do you think Richards’ should pay financial damages to the four people he offended? If not, do you think he should make a financial contribution to a race relations-related cause? Well… I have yet to see this bit from Michael Richards, so I may be way off base here. Should anyone really pay financial damages to someone they offend? If someone offended me, I wouldn’t expect a payout. Though, I would appreciate a donation to a related cause. Still, I wouldn’t expect that. Maybe I need to see this video after all.

Q2 – Time Off: How much time off from work will you be taking between now and the beginning of 2007?
12 days and I’ll still be losing vacation time. Not the best at taking time away. See earlier workaholic references.
Q3 – Priorities: A recent poll from the Gallup Organization show that Americans want their government leaders to focus on Iraq as the nation’s top policy priority. According to Gallup, more than two-thirds of Americans name Iraq in this context, and it is the dominant issue for Republicans as well as Democrats. The economy and healthcare trail far behind, while concerns about immigration and fuel prices are down considerably from earlier this year. What do you feel the U.S. Congress’s top priority should be now and in 2007?
Something needs to be done about the situation in Iraq. I’d think enviornment and civil rights (reproductive, LGBT, etc.) are a solid second tier that will still be waiting once the flow of dollars and humans into this "war" has been stopped. Sad day, it is.  
Q4 – Favorite "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," "’Twas the Night Before Christmas," "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," "Frosty the Snowman," "A Charlie Brown Christmas," "The Little Drummer Boy," etc. What is your favorite animated Christmas special?
Frosty! Then, Rudolph. 🙂 A Charlie Brown Christmas is cute too, but a little too Jesus for me.

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