>Good times… Crazy days…

>So I can be a bit of a tease, eh? (You don’t have to answer that.) I pop back up after a couple of months with a grand statement that I’ve returned and then you don’t hear from me in a couple of weeks. I guess I’m still working on the being back thing.

Since there are a few things to catch you up on:

Blogger is attempting to tempt me with Blogger Beta. Sorry, sister. Once I read Mopsa’s Dear Blogger – I Hate You post, there is little chance that I’ll be making the switch before they pull it out from under me.

Now that I’m back in town from a work trip to NOLA, I’ve yet to unpack my bag from Thanksgiving weekend in Chicagoland. As long as there are a few clean clothes in my luggage, I’ll leave it in the open. Nah… Tomorrow is the Great Ghetto Clean Up. The goal is to hit the west wing first and work out from there.

The big snow has me camping in on a vacation day tomorrow. I planned to take the day off a couple of weeks ago, but it feels so much better to trick myself into thinking that I’ve planned to avoid the highways on the season’s first snow day.

More on Turkey Day: The Stuffed Cranberry Sauce By Paula Deen (Her “charming” accent balances out the annoying guy in the video. Fear not.)was quite tasty though only now do I fully understand why it looked a little odd. The yummy goop was supposed to stay together on the plate! Good stuff that’s unfortunately not little sister friendly.

And, on Friday, Daughter of Mysterious Stranger was born. From the photos, I can tell that she’s very little and very cute. 🙂

We made the almost-mandatory trip to IKEA on Saturday. This was JP’s first trip and she seemed to enjoy it. The process of shopping at IKEA is somewhat exhausting to me since I can actually afford most of what I want and there’s no turning back. Unless, If you’ve never been in one of their stores, this map might give you an idea of what I mean:

I made the mistake of not saving before I hit spell-check just a minute ago, so… Here are a couple of links that I’ll allow you to elaborate on. Share in the comments if you’d like:

Professional Retractable Roller Shoes Shortened version: Why walk when you can glide?
AskMetafilter Shortened version: Great timewaster and answer box last resort.


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