>Labor Day


I grew up in a union family. I didn’t get it until I saw a photo of my dad at work. As a boilermaker, he was regularly squeezing into tight spots to weld or walking on a steel beam several stories up to get from one unit to the next. Once I saw that photo, I could appreciate the "Union Yes!" stickers on his lunchbox.

When I worked in production at a medium-sized newspaper, I belonged to a union. My supervisor was one to watch every single move of the non-departmental people when deadlines came. I didn’t need the representation. The guys on the press did.

Now, part of my job is trade show management and my org looks for non-union towns for our shows b/c of the move-in/move-out process. It can get a little uncomfortable, but having seen all sides of it… I can respectfully keep my mouth shut or share my somewhat intelligent opinion when the time comes.
This year marked the second year in a row that I haven’t been to a labor day parade and it still feels a little odd.

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