>Running Commentary


I’ve been thinking about writing today. Things I’ve been thinking about are:
  • This Land is Your Land and how the song gives me chills. Cheesy, but true. Also, I just noticed that the song was written in 1956. What would have caused it to have been written?
  • The way that the double-earringed man at Kroger bagged my groceries this evening. He didn’t ask "paper or plastic", proceeded to use 10 bags for 20 items and then didn’t thank me or wish me a good evening. He simply turned back around.
  • The language of WWIII. The Great War was WWI. I’m not sure what WWII was also called. I’m positive that WWIII will not be called The War on Terror as it takes place, will it?
  • Cheese and my love of it.
  • The difference between being angry and being disappointed.
  • A "discrete" professional women’s executive group in Indianapolis. The description that is used makes me think of the ads in the back of Nuvo.

That’s about it really.


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