>Are you headed for burnout?


Yes. I am.

L ittle sister just sent me a two-page document on workaholism. Since I quickly established that I’m heading for burnout, let’s see if I can manage to remember these things on occasion.
Burnout is a serious condition from which it takes a long time to recover. Learn the symptoms so you can recognize them early.
Try to do everything a little more slowly. Besides working at a more reasonable pace, try to walk, talk, drive and eat more slowly.
Take a good look at your organizational and time management habits. You may find you are wasting time on unnecessary tasks, repairing sloppy work or looking for lost information or tools.
Spend some time each day planning your work. Learn to zero in on the most productive activities. Do the most important things first.
Work regular hours. Many workaholics find they can get their work done during the regular shift if they make a goal of leaving at quitting time.
Take the time for stress-reducing and health-enhancing activities. Get regular exercise. Schedule your exercise into your daily planner and plan around it. Sit down to leisurely meals. Get to bed on time.
Drink more beer. (Okay, I added that one myself.)
Book regular time off. Use evenings, weekends and vacations for enjoying other aspects of your life.
Define boundaries between your personal life and your work life .
Spend social time with people who don’t have anything to do with your job.


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