>Gmail Sucks Today & A Few Completely Unrelated Tidbits


Yes. Gmail’s motor has been churning incredibly slowly lately. Has anyone else noticed this? Even with decent connection speed at work, I’m being forced to re-load the loading page. Maybe Google should take a look at improving what they have instead of adding and adding new applications which aren’t necessary. Case in point: Google Spreadsheets.
With that out of the way… Take a peek at this new Indianapolis-area German restaurant. Sounds interesting, but the real question is will they have springerly cookies?
And, my sweets, this time of year brings many good things. The availability of Oberon literally had me cheering last night. This was before any of it had been consumed! Woo hoo! Goooo Oberon!
And, an icky thing about summer’s arrival: Shirtless Summer, man boobs, hair shirts and wife beaters. Give me a land with nipples covered in public, and we’re all good.
Oh, I almost forgot… Friday is Madonnarama at Talbott Street (Link goes to Dayton Daily News. Even with sporadic registration requirements, the site is not as obnoxious as the bar’s site.) I’m not sure if I should be frightened or excited about this. The drag queens are even going to stick to the Madge theme. Should be a very memorable night.
The end.



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