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JP: Do not click on the following link.
I wonder who really stays at these places. Very very odd and slightly disturbing. Though, it would be a fun story to tell after the fact. Looks a little dull really… TV is not my idea of entertainment. I hope that the couple pictured isn’t on a wedding weekend. They look entirely too bored.
Okay, you can look now. I’m going to try something a little more safe for the claustrophobic.

Q1 – Automobiles
: A gallon of gasoline weighs just over 6 pounds. When burned, the carbon in it combines with oxygen from the air to produce nearly 20 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). With that in mind, and with the price of gasoline continually on the rise, how likely is it that the next car you buy will be a hybrid?
– I’m hopeful, but I’m not counting on a hybrid to be in my price range until my car-after-next.

Q2- Television
: How many channels are on your television, and approximately how many of them do you watch on a somewhat regular basis?

– Um… Not sure. I don’t watch TV really unless there is a storm and I need to freak out about it. Amazing isn’t it? This past weekend I went home-home and found myself staring at the TV in the corner of the living room for entirely too long on more than one occasion. Not a big fan.

Q3- How Are They Doing: Do you think pharmaceutical and drug companies generally do a good or bad job of serving their consumers?

– Not entirely sure on this one either. I would like to think that they’re doing a good job, but I wonder if their idea of serving their customers is the same as what the customers might think it to be. There’s always room for improvement… I really don’t like the idea of signing a police log in order to stop seasonal allergies. Whether it’s for marketing purposes or, um…, marketing purposes, I’ve heard a rumor that Tylenol is reworking several of their meds so signing the police log isn’t necessary. I’ve only been miserable to sign it once and I’d like to keep it that way.

Q4- Right Now: What is the closest object to your left hand?

Object… Does a cat count? O is very needy and keeps coming at me with "pet me now, dammit" intentions, even though it’s a freaking oven in here and he’s covered in fur.


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