>Why I Dislike Children by Manda

>The following blog may not make people happy. This is my opinion and I am entitled to it.

I have found through experience that I seriously dislike children who I am not either related to or are able to speak. The boyfriend’s children need a serious mental adjustment. Wait, no they are just kids, like all kids. They are rude, irritating and all around offensive.
I think for lent I will give up being fake nice to make the boyfriend happy. Why would I want to give a shit about someone else’s kid? I sure don’t, and at this time in my life, it’s sure not worth it.

I am young. I do not need to worry about children half my age. I do not care if they are having problems at school. I do not care if they get in trouble because they have issues and their mom is a whore and their dad is oblivious to the real world. I do not care if other people my age have kids that are their age. That’s their choice. My choice is to be smart and wait for me to grow up and have some fun before I am responsible for someone who is not me. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about me for now.

I do realize when I started seeing someone 13 years my senior that I was signing up for the soccer dad world. However, the first year of our relationship was not like the second is turning out to be. In the beginning it was dealing with cute little kiddos, playing board games once a week for a few hours and then every other weekend I’d have my own life. NOW they are around more than not, and I find they are two manipulative rat bastards.

The boyfriend gets jealous if I spend time with anyone who is of the opposite sex, because of course, I’m going to sleep with him (because I’m his ex wife). I of course am “mean, cold and heartless” because I’d like to spend more time with him by ourselves. Fuck that.

Just because I have mommy parts doesn’t mean I want to be someone’s mommy. Maybe some day, just not now and not to someone else’s kids.


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