>Naptime? Ha!

>In case you were just here or are catching my RSS, I’ve already decided to give middle sis back the photo that I had posted.

I grew up in a teeny tiny town. When most kids my age were playing with the neighbors or riding their bikes down the street, I was playing with my sisters or riding my bike in the backyard. The highway was strictly off limits for bike riding. After all, semis would barrel down the state highway at speeds well over the limit. It wasn’t quite the place for a pink Huffy.

Before we were old enough to sling cotton candy, my sisters and I would spend a significant amount of time with our noses in books. I think a significant part of it had to do with the weekly book report requirement dreamed up to give Mom a little bit of quiet. But, when we went to the library or the bookmobile, we were also allowed to step out into the world a little more than we would have otherwise. Naptime meant that Mom could take a nap, watch soaps, read a bit herself or do all three. It also meant that we were subject to at least an hour of solitude.

Sometimes, we would hang out of our bedroom doors and talk or write notes to each other until we were caught. But, more often than not, we would read. And read… And read…

So, when I saw this photo over at middle sis’ blog this evening, it made my day. Genetics has suckered another one in and I’m loving it.


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