>Nothin’ but a noodle thang, baby.

I wanted to show that Nothing But Noodles really does have Something Other than Noodles, but I couldn’t find a photo of the cotton candy.* I started writing about the cotton candy and all of the goodness that comes with that, but ended up on their franchisee page instead, where I found this:

List the steps in the development process.
1. Site evaluation and selection approval
2. Lease negotiation
3. Pre-construction design
4. Contract bidding and management
5. Order equipment
6. Training at Scottsdale office and Corporate restaurant
7. Return to marketplace and begin to hire staff
8. Begin local store marketing
9. Opening team arrives one week prior to opening (and remains for two weeks)
10. Open restaurant (softly)
11. Grand Opening (45-60 days following opening)

This explains why I don’t remember Nothing but Noodles opening. I really appreciate “soft” restaurant openings. It’s pretty annoying to me to go to a new restaurant when the staff is all new and doesn’t know the menu. The timing on this one seems to make sense. I wonder if other food chains operate on similar timelines. Either they do and my timing has been off or they don’t and their timing has been off. Any franchisees out there willing to fess up on how solid this type of plan actually is? I’m curious.

*Heh… Yeah, that’s a random photo of a kid with cotton candy. The presentation at Nothing but Noodles is much more impressive.


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