>Bubble: 2B

Once upon a time, I was asked about my “type”. A bit later, I was asked (half-jokingly, I think…) “Do ballerinas do anything for you?” Um…*

So, tonight when asked “Does the movie Bound do anything for you?” Unless my memory totally fails me, I’d give Bound 10 out of 10 ballerinas. On the flip side of that, I would give the movie I saw today a measly 2B** rating. Bubble didn’t do much for me, other than suck an hour and a half of living from my being. The new theatre at Keystone at the Crossing was pretty nice. Chushy/kooshy seats and adult beverages in the lobby were nice touches. It’s too bad you have to actually enter a mall to get to the theatre. But, I guess it all evens out in the end.

*Yeah… Not so much.
**I’m being generous.


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