>Being Crazy Aunt MJ

Is almost like Being John Malcovich, but slightly more fun. Only because it’s one of those things that I can latch on to for a few hours and then safely watch from a distance later.

This is one of the more interesting photos of us taken today. I have no idea how middle sis managed to get this almost perfectly framed shot of the tops of our heads (I know she’s not that tall).

We had a pretty fun afternoon at the IMA playing in one of the new contemporary installations. If you have ever wanted to experience the ball bin at a fast food playroom, but felt like you might be a little overgrown, you have an opportunity at the IMA. It’s built just for adults to play like little kids. Plus, it’s kind of fun to see a museum guide wearing booties. It’s worth the newly imposed admission fee. According to the IMA site, Ernesto Neto’s site specific installation is only going to be there until February 12.

May all of your new year’s wishes come true and may tomorrow’s hangover be minor. Have a fantabulous new year!


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