>Full of Grace

>Well, hello there.
Long time since I posted…
Let’s see what’s new around here.

I just started an online game of Scrabble with my middle sister. It looks like it could be interesting, if not time consuming. With each turn, we are each emailed an update. So this game could take several days.

Rumor has it that the pope did away with limbo for the dead babies. I’m intrigued as I didn’t know that officially dead babies “went” anywhere to begin with. I guess I really don’t think about dead babies all that much.

I attended last week’s HRO meeting at the city/county building. Tonight’s meeting was to be held from 5 – 6:30 and I wouldn’t have been able to make it to more than 20 minutes of the meeting, so I decided against it all together. The vote will take place soon. Hopefully the ordinance will be passed and surrounding counties will take note and head in the same direction.

One of my good friends is spending a month in Costa Rica. I’m hopeful that she’ll be needing a ride home from the airport on her return after the holidays. A short visit could be just the thing I need to pick me up from the post-holiday icks that have already started to set in. The “Feed The World” song was on the radio this morning and I have had it stuck in my head much of the day with personalized lyrics… Do I know it’s Christmastime at all? Doesn’t feel like it.

And… I am coming to terms that either:
A- The world is out to get me.
B – I need to learn to accept criticism.
Most likely a combo… heavily weighted toward the latter.

I need something substantial to look forward to.


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