>MJ at the Movies

>- I need to plan to see Walk The Line. I hear it’s been given excellent reviews lately. I’ve been drawn to sad sarcasm (aka dry humor) all of my life, so I figure it should be a good one… Given I can get over the fact that Reese W. looks vaguely like Candy.

– It’s important that I plan to see Walk the Line because another movie that I wanted to see, North Country, is now showing only at Hollywood Bar and Filmworks and I sincerely doubt that I can find anyone to commit to both dinner and a movie. Eh, maybe on a weeknight.

Memoirs of a Geisha has been made into a movie. I picked up the book for $1 when I was in Seattle a couple of months ago and accidentally left it with my little sister when we took a trip home-home the following weekend. I was so into the story that I bought another copy at full price to finish the novel. Excellent book! Anyone know when the movie premieres in the Midwest?

– Indianapolis movie scene down two theatres? I heard a rumor that Naptown is going to be down two independent movie theatres. Given we only have two first run independent theatres, there’s a good chance that I’ll never go to the movies in Indy again. Anyone know the story on Key Cinemas? It looks like they’re going to $.50 – $1.50 movies from here on out. How about Castleton Arts? Am I doomed to watching only mainstream movies in an actual theatres? Help… I’m melting!

– And because today is still technically Friday, here’s a blast from the past with my movie-themed Friday Five from 2003 .


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