>My weekend, by MJ

>Friday evening started with some angst.
I worked about an hour later than I had intended, when the man called me with a question that could have and should have waited for Monday. Called to help a columnist with his “logic” on an article that was due two weeks ago. Which, of course, is not remotely logical.

Attending a lecture on peace immediately after work. The experience began in the most awkward fashion as I was hit up to sign a petition for the Green Party. I politely (at least I thought so) opted out by mentioning that the lecture was getting ready to begin. The guy seemed satisfied with my reasoning and/or gave up and we went into the lecture. The “church” holding the lecture is not far from my apartment and gave me a great excuse to check it out.

The church’s symbol looks a lot like pilot wings and/or the snitch from Harry Potter. JL and I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide how we could pry the wings from the front of the church and agreed that the experience would be much better if we had eaten potatoes prior to entering the building.

Almost 1/2 way through the lecture, an actor dressed as Mother Teresa provided entertainment while she humiliated herself. Oh, I’ve forgotten to mention that the lecture was on Nobel Peace Prize winners and how an instructor at the School Of Metaphysics finds peace in extortion. Good stuff, I’m telling you.

So, JL and I skipped out on the second 1/2 which was to be the touchy feely exercise portion of the night. Ooh! I failed to mention that I ended up signing the petition when the guy came in and sat next to me.

Saturday was quite a bit different.
I slept in and stayed in my PJs for most of the morning until Candy called to lure me out into the world. We walked to the library where I picked up a movie and then to the supermarket with carpet for pasta bake ingredients. Here’s a bit of trivia: The IMCPL will allow you to check out items without your library card for a fee of $1. Not sure if that’s $1 per item or $1 for looking up your information. Okay, I guess that wasn’t very useful in the trivia department.

I turned the movie off after maybe 10 minutes and started reading “The Case for Hillary Clinton“. I’m about 1/3 of the way through and am hopeful that the author will soon begin making the case for Hillary and not just for a female president. I did really like one piece of the book:

If you are a woman, please answer the following questions::
How many black jackets do you own?
How many pairs of black pants do you own?
How many pairs of black shoes?
If the total exceeds ten, you have a stake in this election. You are being
judged, whether you like it or not. Look in the mirror. Name the last nominee
who looked, dressed or thought this much like you, had this much in common with
you, whose election other people might see as a triumph of “people like you”…

Then I started getting angry. The author has made a great point in that if Hillary had a penis, no one would question her electiveness. I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts as I progress through the book.

I was online for most of this morning, catching up on blog reading, learning about volunteer opps around Indy and trying to find out what one of my high school friends is up to now. (G – If you haven’t heard yet, Turbo Finger’s mom died of colon cancer a few days ago. I think I found her address, but am not positive. Do you have it?)

A friendly visit to Heidelberg Haus this afternoon, followed by a ride on the monorail got me out of the house today. Looks like I’ll be making Springerle cookies this X-mas, even though I’m the only one who will eat them. Anyone else going home-home for baby jesus’ b-day dig the springerle cookies? Springerle baking is a BAKING PHILOSOPHY!

Also in MJ news this weekend… The radiators are now on. I’m thankful for the free heat (no gas bill here). I’ve bleached my sheers and have opened all of the windows. It’s a womb with a view (of bingo).



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