>508… Ah the pressure

>The post below was blog post #508.
As many of you know, that’s one of my favorite numbers. Why? Because this woman loves her 99 cent lipstick.

I think I discovered it in high school when I was going through some pseudo-goth/pseudo-depressed Tori phase. I’m not 100% on that one.

I do know that for a little over a year, right after college, I wasn’t able to locate the stuff. Since then, I’ve had a tube in my car, apartment and travel bag.

Not really into makeup, but 508 has my brand loyalty. I wanted to show you an image or at least the color, but decided against it. (Don’t do a google image search for “Wet n’ Wild” anything unless your computer is heavily protected.)
Check out Hed’s blog. She’s a devotee as well. How I love this answerbox.

Do you have a favorite product?


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