>Be safe. Be strong.

>I’ve been struggling with what to do about Katrina, the U.S., the president, my “colleagues” in Indiana A post from HMS with a link to Hurricane Katrina: Why is the Red Cross not in New Orleans?, among many others, has encouraged me to get my ass in gear and post my thoughts.

One of my sheltered Aunts fears that her son will “see dead bodies”, now that he’s been deployed to New Orleans. She needs to suck it up, b/c he’s going to see a lot more than what she’s seeing on fucking FOX News.

From an article earlier this week that every Republican needs to read. Tell me again, why exactly did you elect this man?
As the toll from Hurricane Katrina continues to climb, more than 20 nations and the UN have offered assistance to the United States, a country more often leading aid efforts rather than receiving help. While seemingly reluctant to accept foreign offers for help, saying that the US could ‘take care of it’, US President George W Bush readily called on his father, George Bush Snr, and former president Bill Clinton to drive private fundraising initiatives. To read more…

Did you know that (from the Red Cross): The state Homeland Security Department had requested–and continues to request–that the American Red Cross not come back into New Orleans following the hurricane. Our presence would keep people from evacuating and encourage others to come into the city.

I was inspired yesterday when I watched this footage of Lt.General Honore telling the military in New Orleans to put down their weapons. I was also finally able to listen to all of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s call for help. I only know Nagin’s situational history, but I do know that it took courage and compassion to drive his point home. He realized that he was politically out of bounds when he was giving the interview, and he also realized that his position isn’t as important as his mission. He’s being compared to Giuliani w/o the benefit of media support.

History in the making… A timeline from DailyKos.

Drop off your spare change for the American Red Cross at a CoinStar machine.

On Thursday, I went to an association luncheon with about 150 of my colleagues. After the welcome and before eating, the ED of the association led us in an unexpected prayer. (This is highly unusual for this group.) The man to my right almost immediately began a lengthy diatribe about how the people still in New Orleans are “dumb”. Very politely, the remainder of us at the table pushed him back into place… or at least closer. The woman on my left told stories about tornado damage and the fact that it seemed like a major occurrence, but she won’t think of it in the same way since seeing the damage of Katrina (on TV). She mentioned that her Democrat mom said something or other and Jerk On The Right (JOTR) piped in with… “I thought that this was a red state!” He had just moved here from DC expecting solace from differing viewpoints, I suppose. Incidentally, JOTR also told us that he had a “friend”in New Orleans that he hasn’t heard from yet. He had the audacity to casually say,”She’s probably dead.” as he went for more breadsticks. How can people like this have friends? How can people like this survive and thrive? I wonder if his soul hurts or if he’s just cold enough to live peacefully in his little bubble? A woman at my table caught up with me as we were all leaving and thanked me for sitting next to him b/c she would have caused him bodily harm. I had caught her eye earlier in the meal and gave her a look of disbelief as he was ranting. The struggle to be true and keep his brand of ignorance from spreading were the things that had kept me going for so long. When I realized how difficult the struggle would be, I gave up. I now realize how important it is that I keep on.


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