>I’m going to state!

>Technically they weren’t my flowers. Grandma let me pick them from her garden when mine had fried in the summer sun. Oops! Other than the “Are you a rat or a butterfly?” story, my 4-H fair stories are pretty limited. I think I was in Junior Leaders, but that seems like it was a dream and not reality.

This summer, I’m going to go to the Indiana State Fair for the first time in my adult life. I can’t remember going to Indiana’s fair as a child, but maybe JP will correct me in the comments.

Checking out the Indiana State Fair website, I see that my options may be somewhat limited by paranoias. Case in point…

Clown Day
Tuesday, August 16th
On Clown Day, hundreds upon hundreds of clowns are here just waiting to entertain you with free clown noses, balloon animals, wacky tricks and street shows. don’t miss Free Clown Faces from 3-5 in the Brickyard Plaza presented by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

No thanks.

This sounds kind of interesting…

Project Bandaloop
This one-of-a-kind dance troupe uses unique music, lighting and choreography in its presentations, but that’s not why it’s one of the Fair’s must-see events. What makes this group special is that these are vertical dancers, repelling off the sides of buildings and other large structures. They’ll perform daily at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on the 4-H Exhibit Hall in the Farm Bureau Insurance Celebration Park.

Cartoon Corral
Some of the most popular children’s television and comic book characters will stop by the Pfizer Fun Park to greet their fans. The characters will have the kids smiling and high-fiving as they sign autographs and pose for pictures. Don’t miss Spider-Man – Tuesday, August 16th; Sponge Bob Square Pants – Wednesday, August 17th; Batman – Thursday, August 18th and Strawberry Shortcake – Friday, August 19th. For more information call Sondra Welton at (317) 927-7524.

This might be worth getting up early to see…
Indiana Propane Gas Foundation Hot Air Balloon Race
Wednesday, August 10th
A wondrous kick-off to the Indiana State Fair…you have to rise early to see these colorful beacons lift high into the sky-6:00 a.m. to be exact.

Do you think OrthoIndy sponsors this as a preventative measure or do they just like the tooty smiles? They are also sponsoring a basketball tourney.
OrthoIndy Cheerleading Contest
Saturday, August 20th
Top cheerleaders from around the state will compete in this annual competition in the Marsh Grandstand. Check Entry to see if your current school or alma mater is involved. These devoted school representatives spend countless hours rooting for their teams-now it’s your turn to cheer for THEM!

OOH! I think I’ve found my day!
Baton Twirling Contest
Thursday, August 11th
Indiana’s best go head to head in the State Championship Baton Twirling Contest. You’ll find them in the Farm Bureau Building twirling their way to the top.

Hm… Any tips for first timers?


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