>What would the The Committee on the Use of Humans as Subjects think?

>I am contemplating taking the MIT Weblog Survey. Before I do, I’d like to read more on the The Committee on the Use of Humans as Subjects. If I take the survey, will I be seen as a used human in the eyes of MIT? Is that something that I really want to be?

Thank you all for your birthday greetings and wishes. They make being “the big 3-oh” much easier to digest. Friends tell me that I’m in for an emotional roller coaster in the coming weeks. I’m feeling pretty okay about my age right now, so we’ll see. After all, I can’t do a damn thing about my age other than embrace it (And be thankful that I’m not turning 80 tomorrow).

For fans, voyeurs and stalkers, I humbly present…
Toured the State Museum.
Toured the Eiteljorg .
Coffee with Candy.
Snooped through Midland Arts and Antiques.
Made our way through three more antiques shops in FSq.
Shopping at Target.
Summer Solstice Celebration at IMA.
Din-Din with JL and Candy.
Slept in… Zzzz.
Picked up a few books at the library.
Filled in new address book.
Read a bit at an outdoor cafe on the canal.
Checked for final j-duty selections this week.
This evening: TBD
*This website doesn’t do the place justice.

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