>Positive progress toward whatever end you’re working for is strongly indicated – if you follow your heart!

I’ve been scratching and clawing my way with my head so much lately that I think I’ve forgotten how to follow my heart. I went to Qudoba after work with Harry Potter for dinner and saw a familiar face. It took me quite awhile to recognize her, but once I did I was snapped back to 1998. In June of 1998, I was working as a barista in a dive cafe downtown. Counterservice during lunch hour was my speciality. Out of quac? Call the off-site kitchen and run some down. Looking for a vegan soup? I’ll go check the ingredient list… back in a sec. Want to meet for coffee once you get off work (at the coffeeshop)? Sure!

She was my fill-in stupidvisor. She was still in school and would work my shift on, Sunday and Monday, my days off. The two days were typically much slower than the others, so she had plenty of time to rearrange my counter, clean out the shelves in the backroom and chat up the regulars. My regulars.

As I waited in line for my turn to order counterservice this evening, I thought about how much different I must seem to her. Did she even recognize me? In ’98, my hair was much shorter, my pants were a size smaller and my outlook much brighter. I would have said something to her. I would have imagined myself saying something to her this evening, years in the future.


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