>Not quite right

>Last night with JL and Candy felt like we were stuck in a fairy tale.

Too Cold
The evening began with us being some of the only non-attached people at a friend-of-a-friend(?)-of-a-friend’s party. Our comfortable connection couldn’t make it, but Candy and I had already bought costumes, so we went anyway. I learned that I’m referred to in some circles as “evil MJ”. Next year, I’m skipping it.

Too Warm
From there, we hit the opposite end of the spectrum. We were some of the only people there over 22 and once JL took off the tie, no one batted an eye at our disco bimbo costumes. Not quite right there either.

Not Quite Right
As a last resort, we headed to a divorcee-over-40-bar nearby. I don’t have anything against people over 40, and I actually do trust a few of them. I didn’t trust these people. Something about being packed in to a small space with this group dancing to Prince songs does’t quite do it for me either.

Anyone care to watch the complete seasons of Thirtysomething with me?
Maybe GM will. She’s on deck…


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