>Little Less Conversation.. A Little More Action

>I’ve had a rather peculiar day, so let’s laundry list it and see if I feel like elaborating.

– Frantic panic-driven conversation with co-workers.
– Called home-home for a phone number. No answer.
– Went to lunch with Boss Man. Talked about frantic panic-driven conversation.
– Received confirmation that long lost (and probably offended) movie buff friend would see Melinda and Melinda with me.
– Acted as sounding board on IT stuff. Heh…
– Went shopping for 2TQDC and ended up with $40 worth of schtuff (including plant food).
– Realized that I “needed” a new flower pot.
– Stuck in long line at store and overheard “Get over here! Someone might take you!” while getting the “stink eye”.
– Still stuck in long line at store, walked into a conversation with a toothless woman about her father-in-law’s bypass surgery.
– Called home-home. No answer.
– Got on MSN messenger (which is rare) and tried to strike up a conversation with mystery person at Auntie L’s house.
– Old friend, DR-CPA, came online.
– Set time for beverage(s) tomorrow.

Who knows what the night shall bring.

As an aside, today marks the first time that I’ve noticed Howie’s signature in an email. Somehow I didn’t think it would look anything like this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Did you?


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