>Conner Prairie in Retrospect

>JL, Candy and I headed to Conner Prairie this afternoon for some fresh air. I hadn’t been up there since I was a kid, so I was curious.

Conner Prairie is a living history museum. This equates to walking through different villages where the interpreters are trapped in a time period. Petticoats and all…

In retrospect, the adventure into history kind of freaked me out. The actors and actresses seemed very lonely. Maybe I’m just not used to random strangers striking conversations with me about nothing in particular. Most conversations I have with stranger-types either involve me standing in a line to buy something or me holding a beverage in one hand. (Note: I’m excluding sales transactions and promotional opportunities.)

I wonder what the interpreter training is like at Conner Prairie. Are these people hired on their knack for acting or their love of the time period? Do they live in Indianapolis year-round, or do they come in for the “season”?

When I worked at Holiday World, the “entertainers” would spend their off hours behind the scenes. Is there an air conditioned room in Fishers somewhere full of women wearing petticoats?

P.S. – Steph linked to Holiday World’s blog the other day. Kind of interesting…


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