>Is she Half Mad or Half Sane?

>EDIT: I realized that I ran out of morning at about 4:30 this afternoon. So, I’ve edited to clean up the formatting a wee bit.

MTS from Half Mad and I are playing Twenty Questions this week.
I asked and she answered. Check out my answers to her questions over at her site. This was a ton of fun for me, and I hope you enjoy as well.

1. What is your favorite curse word? (Starting out Actor’s Studio style.) Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a Stick! (that’s technically not a word, but a phrase)

2. If you had to eat one desert after every meal for the next month what would it be? Chocolate brownie-but the good kind-with chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla-the good kind.

3. What music is playing in your vehicle right now? “The Outernational Sound” by Thievery Corporation, “Suzuki” by Tosca, the Garden State soundtrack, the Best of Burt Bacharach, and a CD compilation that has a lot of Belle & Sebastian on it and for some reason I’m not real into them, but it also has a Billy Bragg and Wilco song on it—”Ingrid Bergman”—that I really dig.

4. What song is guaranteed to make you smile/cry? Either “You You You You You” by the Shins, which was our first dance song at our wedding, or “Drifting” by Trey Anastasio, which was our wedding processional music.

5. What is your favorite gemstone? I don’t really have one, though peridot comes to mind- that’s my birthstone. I do have a diamond ring but I don’t need more of them.

6. How much money in coins are you currently carrying in your coat pocket/purse/car? About 35 cents-not even enough for a soda.

7. Carbonated beverages: Soda, soft drink, pop or something else? I’ve recently been trying to give up carbonated beverages-I was really into C2 for a while because I was addicted to Coke. So now I’m addicted to Diet Snapple Peach Iced Tea. Or, wait-were you asking what I call them? I started calling them “soda” after a friend from NY in college(what a poser I was), but around these parts it’s known as “pop.”

8. Most influential male in your life? In a good way/you are good enough and people love you way, my husband. In a career path way, the English teacher I had junior year in high school who first made me realize how much I loved words. In a bad “don’t trust anyone/you’ll never be good enough way,” my dad.

9. Most influential female in your life? My therapist!

10. Favorite poet? Wow-that’s a good one. I’ve always just adored Marge Piercy. I also love Mary Oliver and Anne Sexton.

11. If you could easily change your middle name, what would you choose? Actually, I wouldn’t change it. My mom named me “Therese”, pronounced “ter-ACE”, and I like it. Plus, what would I be if not “Mary T.”?

12. What is your fantasy vacation destination? Tahiti. We considered going there for our honeymoon, but it was literally $8,000 per person per week! I want to stay in a glass-bottom floating hut and fall right out the door into the water!

13. Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever interviewed? (Note: Not in the employment sense.) I recently interviewed Eric Meola, an internationally known photographer (he shot the cover of Born to Run for Bruce Springsteen, for instance), for an article, which is not yet published. He was completely fascinating and had a very altruistic, interesting worldview. The man’s been everywhere and photographed everything and has a palpable love for others and for the world, and also a bittersweetness about how the world keeps changing for the worse (so it seems). He’s not only a brilliant, photographer, he’s a brilliant writer. I heartily urge you to check out his website lastplaces.com and read some of his diary entries. I wish he’d write a longer text-based book.

14. What is your favorite spice? Cilantro.

15. Have you ever sang karaoke? Yes, I have. I am partial to “Say a Little Prayer” and “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”.

16. Who is the most interesting person to ever interview you? I think I’d have to answer the guy who interviewed me for a job at a rather low-rent ad agency who was smoking throughout our interview but because he was technically not allowed to smoke in the office, he would take a drag on his cigarette, open his desk drawer, put the burning cigarette inside the drawer, close it, and open it up again when he needed another drag. The weirdly anal way he kept doing this and the smoke billowing out of the drawer every time it was opened was distracting, to say the least. I did not take the job.

17. What was your proudest moment in high school? Getting through my junior year. I was so clueless when I got to high school, and I ended up hanging out with two girls from my grade school with whom I was never really close friends, and an additional girl who knew my sister and kind of latched onto me. Both of my grade school friends ended up transferring to a co-ed school (and incidentally, both of them ended up pregnant before high school was out), and the third girl I discovered belatedly was a pathological liar-that’s a story for its own post. Thankfully, she transferred, too. But that left me basically friendless going into my junior year-you know how high school cliques are. Even though I was in clubs and friendly with many girls at school, finding someone to eat lunch with was horrible. But I did manage to finally make friends with some girls who were both the smartest girls in class and hippies-basically, they were all Lindsay from Freaks and Geeks. I can honestly say that making that group of friends was the most instrumental in shaping who I became-a person I like.

18. Which is your least favorite season? The right now, that horrible time when winter is dying its last gasp. You get a day in the 60s and your bulbs come up and make you all hopeful, then a cold snap that kills them all. Just be spring, already.

19. Mittens or gloves? Gloves when I drive. Mittens when I go sled riding.

20. When you write your blog, who is your imagined audience? People who are at heart my friends, even if I’ve never met them in person. Good people. People who are smart and give issues some thought and are capable of seeing both sides of an issue. People with a lot of love in their hearts. People with a capacity for forgiveness. People a lot like me.

Head over to Half Mad to check out my answers to her questions!


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