>One Word.

>When I’m at a loss for words, I typically head over to One Word for a bit of inspiration. It’s a really lovely little website. There’s a new word available each day for a sixty second mental defrag. The timer tells you when to quit, you enter your contact info (make it up if you want) and hit post. Your thoughts are then posted along with those of everyone else doing the free association thing. You can read other entries before you write, but what fun is that?

Today’s word was WAX. I wrote:
A hot wax. The eyebrows. The lips. The nethers. Is it Brazil? Is it somewhere else? Why do they call it a Brazilian? What’s up with these people? Figures that I would wonder, but would be too lazy to research. Eh…

Try it, you’ll like it. Plus, it’s only a minute.
P.S. Here’s a little more info. Apparently I’m not a lazy as I let on.


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