>Fab, eh?

>I finally purchased a proper vacuum, so I was in cleaning mode when I got home from work today. Clean, clean, clean… Ooh! Laundry! Multi-task…. Multi-task…. Blah, blah, blah.

I’d been taking garbage out on my in-between trips (I live on the third floor), to save energy. Each time I’d leave my apartment, I wondered if I should lock the door. I’ve unintentionally left it unlocked overnight a couple of times, and figured it’d be okay. Then, I’d remember that it would be obvious to anyone that I was going to be back in “just a minute”. With trash or laundry on each trip. (Keep in mind that I see no more than five people in my building each week.) So… on my last trip to get clean laundry from the basement, I begin to have the internalized paranoid conversation again.

I open the door and there is a guy wearing overalls walking down the hall. Kind of freaked me out a little, given that I’ve just been arguing with myself that no one else seems to live in the building. Being Smalltalk Sally, I say hey and ask how he’s doing. No biggie, right?

He says, “Bad. You?”

“Fine, thanks…” and kept walking.

At this point, he’s about 30 feet away from me, headed the other direction and I realize what he’s said. I stopped and turned around.

“Did you just say ‘Bad.’?”

He practically screamed “Fab! I said FAB! Like FABULOUS.”

I actually said, “Oh, good. Because I thought you said bad and that wouldn’t be cool.” Like I was going to have an impromptu counseling session with the guy.

What the hell. Eh, I have clean clothes. That’s the important thing, I suppose.


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